Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Norwegian Redshank in Fuerteventura !

Whilst on a recent family holiday in Fuerteventura,  I found a ringed Redshank earlier this month at Caleta de Fuste, our resort beach. With the Eur-ring information provided on the Canary Islands Facebook page by Eduardo Garcia del Rey (thanks Ed) I have contacted the named ringing programme. I have been amazed by the response and the distance travelled by this young wader in such a short space of time!

For anyone interested this was their response :

Hello Nick!
Many thanks for the photo of the Redshank on Fuerteventura! I Guess Kjell Mork Soot already sent you the ringing details. It was ringed by us at Revtangen Bird Observatory on August 28th, and we are very happy for this recovery! It is the first recovery of a Norwegian-ringed Redshank in the Canary Islands. Revtangen BO is one of the oldest in Europe, established in 1937 and run by Museum Stavanger.
This is a fairly new project, and we try to spread the information as much as possible. Would you allow us to use the photo on a blogpost at the Revtangen-blog http://revtangen.blogspot.no/
and perhaps on a Facebook-posting? We'll aknowledge you as photographer, of course.
Best regards,
Alf Tore Mjös
Curator, Museum Stavanger, dep. of natural history

Whilst Kjell Mork Soot provided more info on the bird itself

Ring no : Stavanger 7608514
Orange flag ECV( Left tarsus : metal ring . Left tibia: yellow colour ring. Right tibia: orange flagengraved with three black letters CSP). LAY:LBM:RAON(ECV)F
Age/sex /biometric: 1K (hatched 2017 ). Wing 149,5 mm. Weight 81,7 g.
Ringing date: 27.08.2017, 18 hrs.
Ringing place: Revtangen (58*45'11''N-005*29'24''E) (Revtangen Ornithological Station), Klepp, Rogaland, Norway. Caught in walk-in-trap.
Ringer: Alf Tore Mjøs / Revtangen OS
Remarks: Controlled by Håvard Husebø, Revtangen OS, 30.08.2017, 14 hrs. Weight: 88,3 g
Finding date: 13.10.2017
Observed: Caleta de Fuste (28*23'N-013*51W) Fuerteventura, CANARY ISLANDS, Spain.
Distance : 3687 km SSW. Direction: 212 deg. Time: 0-1-16 (1 month-16 days after ringing.).
Remarks : Photodocumented by Nick Bond. Very distinct photo

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